National Black Evangelical Association
National Black Evangelical Association
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Industry: Religion

Founded: 1963

Welcome to NBEA  – Organized in 1963, the National Black Evangelical Association (NBEA) is an African-American focused ministry of reconciliation, with the watchword of“unity in diversity without enforced conformity.” NBEA has a primarily Black membership that is cross-denominational, and promotes Biblical and cultural integrity.

NBEA worships and represents the Lord Jesus Christ.   We center ourselves in the Bible, and believe that the new birth of God’s salvation comes by His grace, to all who repentantly trust in the atoning death of Christ and His life-giving resurrection.


  • Fellowship
    Cross-denominational fellowship and awareness among believers in Christ
  • Theological Dialogue
    Theology from a black perspective
  • Holistic Ministry and Activists
    Ministry to the whole person (spirit, soul, & body) by pastors and their people by being catalysts and educators
  • Righteousness
    Racial righteousness and conciliation
  • Missions
    A Christ-centered worldview and global missions
  • Support
    Fellowship and support for churches and organizations in a wholesome environment
  • Encouragement
    Encouraging blacks in higher education in white theological and biblical institutions, in professions, and in other organizations